Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New Nail Obsession: OPI Malaga Wine.

Whilst flying back from Ireland I thought I would treat myself to some new nail varnish, I had some left over Euros so thought it would be great to buy myself a new OPI nail varnish. I have only heard fantastic things about the OPI range of nail varnishes, and loved the Malaga Wine nail colour. Although I definitely had a difficult time only picking one nail varnish, as I wanted most of them! But this nail varnish is perfect for me really, my Nanna used to live in a town near to Malaga, so I used to fly there several times a year to visit her, so instantly I loved this nail colour and its name. 

This colour is perfect for the upcoming Autumn months. I am so done with Summer (due to all the insects and bites I have had to put up with) and so ready for Autumn, so this deep red colour is perfect. I also usually love to wear red on my toe nails, so this nail varnish is ideal for me too. 

The OPI nail varnishes are quite expensive so I had been put off trying them, but I am definitely glad I splashed out and treated myself to my first OPI nail colour. Usually I apply nail varnish and it chips so quickly, and within a day or two the nail varnish has either chipped or smudged. However this is not the case at all with the OPI nail varnish, it has lasted for many days without chipping so is hard wearing. The nail varnish also comes in a large bottle so I know that this nail colour will last a long time. The colour is a dark deep red, and definitely suits the name of Malaga wine as it looks like a rich red wine colour, but it is also not too dark for everyday wear. 

I will definitely be treating myself to more OPI nail varnishes in the future, definitely worth while to splash out on an expensive nail varnish every once in a while! Plus i definitely need to get my hands, or rather nails, on some more OPI nail colours! 

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